Fence Banners

Purchase a fence banner!

42,000 Cars See Our Banners Every Day!

We have a limited number of spaces available to display 4 foot x 8 foot banners along Avenida Pico in front of the High School. Banners are displayed for one year demonstrating your business’s commitment to education in our community! Please consider this great opportunity to donate to the San Clemente Educational Foundation and support all of the students at San Clemente High School.


Fence banners are only $1200 for the entire year.

For details contact: scefbanners@schsef.org



The Fence Banner program is an effective marketing campaign to advertise your local business at the high school. The banners are rendered on high quality durable material and displayed on the fence in front of SCHS for entire school year.

FAQ’s: Banner placement is on a first come first serve basis and is limited to approved locations. You will be notified when your banner is completed and given the opportunity to preview and request a location based on availability. Prime spots are offered to existing advertisers by seniority. The annual renewal date will be the first of the following month that your banner was installed. Banners are produced by our approved vendor, who will work with you to create a design approved by you and SCHSEF. Please contact us for more information.

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